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Exemplary School District
       Exemplary School District
The Tennessee Department of Education announced on August 15th that the Henderson County School District has been designated as an Exemplary District for the second year in a row. Henderson County is one of 20 out of 145 districts statewide to be recognized. To receive Exemplary Status districts must exceed expectations of state requirements for all students by increasing achievement levels, showing faster academic growth, and narrowing achievement gaps.
In addition, five schools in the district were designated as Reward Schools. Reward status is the highest distinction a school can earn in Tennessee. Reward schools are those that are improving overall student academic achievement and student growth. In the Henderson County School District five schools earned this status: Beaver Elementary School, Southside Elementary School, Westover Elementary School, Lexington High School, and Scotts Hill High School.
In addition to being an exemplary district, Henderson County is also designated as a Level 5 School District. Attainment of Level 5 is the highest distinction that can be achieved for student growth which is designated by the state as TVAAS scores (Tennessee Value Added Assessment System). The five schools in Henderson County to achieve a Level 5 are: Beaver Elementary School, Southside Elementary School, Westover Elementary School, Lexington High School, and Scotts Hill High School.
Director of Schools, Mr. Steve Wilkinson, is very proud of the accomplishments of the school system. Mr. Wilkinson stated “Henderson County is blessed to have dedicated teachers who go above and beyond for students every day. We want to thank our students for coming to school each day focused and ready to learn. With the support of teachers, partnerships with parents, administrators, support staff, School Board, and the County Commission, Henderson County Schools will continue to prepare students to become responsible and engaged citizens.”
8th Grade Fundraiser Money
I have had several calls concerning the funds raised by the eighth grade for a prom and a trip. Following standard accounting laws, that money that was raised utilizing school fundraisers will be spent on the kids on or before graduation night. We recognize that this is a terrible time for the eighth graders in that they don’t get to experience the normal traditions that each class before them has. I want to assure all of our parents that we love our eighth graders and we will make sure that we make things special for them up until they leave us on graduation night. We are living under a “new normal” situation and those traditions that have normally occurred may change in the future and new traditions be formed. - PrinciPal Lane.
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