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History of Our School

There has been a school operating on the present property of Scotts Hill Elementary School since 1870.  The first school house was a small log structure built just back of the present gymnasium.

In the late 1880’s, a frame building was built with two large classrooms.  The school stood about where the gymnasium is now.  The school filled quickly requiring three teachers.  School interest had grown so much by 1895 that a larger school building was built.  Tuition was charged from $1.00 to $2.50 per month. 

B. A. Tucker was the head of the school.  He was a great Methodist leader.  After his death, a monument was erected in his honor.  It still stands today.

By 1915 the building was in such disrepair that a new red brick building was built by 1917.  It contained three classrooms.  By 1921, ninth and tenth grades were added.  By 1925-26, an eight classroom concrete building was added as well as eleventh and twelfth grades. 

The first four year class graduated in 1929.  In 1931, new classrooms were added, a PTA organization was formed, a small library was set up, and a small Ag shop was built.  In 1950, a beautiful modern gymnasium was built and still in use.  The present cafeteria was built during the 1950’s.  Our present main building replaced the worn concrete block house in 1964-65. 

In 2002, grades nine through twelve moved to a new building leaving the present building an elementary school. 

In 2004, major renovations and addition were made to the current building. 

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